New Xenith Helmet Orders

Due by July 8th!

Updated Thursday June 21, 2018 by Michelle Witham.



If you are a NEW or existing Nipmuc Youth football player and would like to purchase your own helmet through Xenith, Please use the link below to order online.


We have negotiated a great deal of $125 (includes helmet & Facemask)!


When on the Website when you click to order, the 2nd PICTURE has the sizing chart. There is also a video that shows exactly how to measure.


If interested, there are also shoulder pads for sale as well (should you wish to own your own).


Please keep in mind, we DO have League helmets that we can provide to any new or existing player. However we’ve found over the years (as with many sports nowadays) player’s like to own…and now it’s very reasonable to do so..


The Team website will CLOSE on July8th. At that time all orders received will be processed and sent to have available for the start of the football season. If this deadline is missed and you want to purchase a new helmet you will have to do so on your own.